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The Asian Law Association is the offshoot of the Asian Law Workshop which was established in 2000 July. The Asian Law Workshop, was an informal research organization composed of researchers, the businessmen and students who are interested in Asian Law.

The establishment of the Asian Law Institute (ASLI), in March 2003, stems from the recognition that the diversity of legal traditions in Asia creates an imperative for Asian legal scholars to foster greater engagement with each other through collaborative research and teaching.

The acronym "ASLI", which means "indigenous" in the Malay and Indonesian languages, represents the commitment of the twelve founding institutions to establish a truly home-grown law institute in Asia.

Kyushu University Asia Center is designed to bring together and fully utilize the established intellectual and human resources of Kyushu University concerning Asia to carry out contemporary social and cultural research, keep abreast of the rapid change in the region and thereby be in a position to offer policy recommendations and solutions to selected issues facing contemporary Asian society.

The Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) aims at the expansion of trade relations and promotes economic cooperation with developing countries and regions, conducting high quality research work to meet the social needs.

Established in 2002, the Center for Asian Legal Exchange conducts research on the legal and political systems of selected Asian countries making the transition to a market economy. The Center provides a forum for discussion of law in Asia through conferences and publications.

The mission of Invest Fukuoka is to provide long-term assistance to international companies wishing to invest or to expand their business in Fukuoka either through direct investment or through partnerships with local companies and to thereby contribute to the prosperity of the people of Fukuoka Prefecture.


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