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 Centre's By-Laws


Article 1 (Purpose)

This By-law sets forth the organizational and administrative matters of the Asian Law Centre as an affiliate of the  Graduate School of Law of Kyushu University.

Article 2 (Objectives)

The objectives of the Centre shall be to study the laws and corresponding legal problems faced by Asian countries, as well as to promote international collaborative study. The Centre shall also aim to encourage the development of human resources in Asian countries in cooperation with other agencies including the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the  Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 

Article 3 (Divisions)

The Center shall consist of the following divisions:

  1. The Asian Law Promotion Division;
  2. The Asian and Japanese Law Reform Division;
  3. The Asian Law Information Division.

Article 4 (Director)

  1. The Director shall take charge of the Centre's affairs.

(Working Committee)

Article 5

To discuss important matters regarding the management and administration of the Centre, the Working Committee shall be established for the Asian Law Centre which shall be an affiliate of the Graduate School of Law of Kyushu University.

Article 6

The Working Committee shall consist of the Director and the following members:

  1. The Chairpersons of, the General Planning Committee; the YLP Committee; and the CSPA Committee;
  2. The member professors of the Centre.

Article 7

  1. The position of Chairperson of the Working Committee shall be held by the Director;
  2. The Chairperson shall convene and preside over the Working Committee;
  3. In case wherein the Chairperson is not able to dispense his or her duties, such duties shall be executed by the member professors.

Article 8

  1. The Working Committee shall not commence the proceedings nor take a vote unless the committee meeting is attended by a majority of the committee members.
  2. The agenda of the meeting shall be decided by a majority of the committee members present, and in case of a tie, it shall be decided by the Chairperson.

Article 9 (Miscellaneous)

The administrative matters of the Centre, except those specified in this By-law, shall be set down by the Director through the proceedings of the Working Committee.

(Supplementary Provision)

  1. This By-law shall enter into force on April 1st, 2002.
  2. The initial Director who is appointed after this By-law enters into force shall be regarded as having been selected in accordance with this By-law.
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