Associate Professor
Faculty of Law, Kyushu University


Research Interests

  • White collar & corporate crime
  • Terrorism, emergencies & the law
  • Bioethics & the criminal law 
  • Theoretical criminology / social theory & the law

Subject Areas for Supervising Written Work

  • White collar & corporate crime


  • Faculty of Law, Cambridge University, UK, (Oct. 1990 - Feb. 1997)
    Ph.D., (Oct. 1991 - Dec. 1995).
  • Faculty of Law, Cambridge University, UK , (Oct. 1990 - Feb. 1997)
    M.Phil. Degree in Criminology, (Oct. 1990 - July 1991).
  • University of London, UK, (Sept. 1987 - June 1990)
    LL.B. (Hons.).


  • Faculty of Law, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan (April 1999 - present)
    (i) Associate Professor (Nov. 2001 - present)
    (ii) Lecturer (April 1999 - Oct. 2001)  
  • Faculty of Law, Seinan University, Fukuoka, Japan (April 2001 - present)
  • School of Law, University of East London, UK (Jan. 1996 - March 1999)
    (i) University Lecturer (Jan. 1998 - March 1999)
    (ii) Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Jan. 1996 - Dec. 1997)
  • Part-time Lecturer; Faculty of Law, Cambridge University , UK (Oct. 1993-Feb. 1997)

Representative Publications

  • 'Review Essay on Urban Excess and the Law', in Theoretical Criminology, Volume 1 (1), Sage, (1997).  
  • 'United Kingdom', in Comparative Juvenile Justice, edited by J. Winterdyk, Canadian Scholars Press, [co-authored with L. R. Gelsthorpe, University of Cambridge], (1998).  
  • 'Review essay on Constitutive Criminology by Stuart Henry and Dragon Milovanovic', in Criminal Behavior and Mental Health, Sage Press, (1999).  
  • 'Youth crime, excitement and consumer culture: the re--discovery of etiology in contemporary theoretical criminology', in Youth Justice: Theory and Practice, edited by J. Pickford, Cavendish Press, [Co-authored with K. Hayward, University of Kent ], (2000).  
  • 'New technology and crime control: developing European cooperation in the field of criminal justice', in Common Norms in Plural Legal Orders, edited by T. Komori, Chiba University Press (2001).  
  • 'The law and politics of terrorism', in Law and the Open Society in Asia , Tokyo : JSPSS (2002).
  • 'Youth crime and crime control in contemporary Japan , in The Blackwell Companion to Criminology, edited by C. Sumner, Blackwell Press, (2003).  
  • 'Dilemmas of transitional justice: criminal prosecutions or truth commissions?', Seinan University Law Review, Volume 35(3), Seinan University , (2003).
  • 'New directions in cultural criminology', Theoretical Criminology, Volume 8(3), Sage Press (2004)
  • 'Crime talk and crime control in contemporary Japan', in Cultural Criminology Unleashed, edited by K. Hayward & J. Ferrell, Cavendish (2004).
  • 'Japan's response to 9/11', in Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy, edited by V. Ramraj, M. Hor & K. Roach, Cambridge University Press (2005).
  • 'From child protection to penal populism', in Comparative Youth Justice, edited by J. Muncie, Open University Press (2006).
  • 'Racial victimization in Japan: the politics of race in a 'mono-ethnic' society', in Racist Victimisation: International Reflections and
  • Perspectives, edited by Winterdyk, J. A. and Antonopoulos, G. A., Ashgate Press, (2008), p. 169-184.
  • 'Corporate crime and the limits of the law'in Facing the Limits of the Law, edited by Erik Claes, Springer Press, (2009), p.109-124.
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