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Dear Partners,
Greetings from Stockholm! We are pleased to announce that nominations for our Exchange Programme 2023-2024 are now open!  We kindly ask you to pay special attention to the information regarding the following, as it includes significant changes compared to previous years: visa and residence permithousing Our brochure and updated fact sheet are available for download on the links below: 
SULaw Exchange Brochure
SULaw Fact Sheet 2023-2024

 We look forward to welcoming your students ! 

Exchange numbers and entry requirements

We have been getting an increasing amount of nominations for the autumn semester over the past years which has led to unprecedented issues with access to our courses. In order to accommodate all students in the best possible way, and unless stated otherwise in our agreement, we kindly ask you to nominate your yearly quota of students evenly between the autumn and the spring semesters.
Your students must have a minimum of two (2) years of studies in law – the equivalent of 120 ECTS – completed by the time they start their exchange. This requirement is important since all our courses are on an advanced level. Swedish students would normally have completed at least 150 ECTS to be able to start these courses. We lowered the requirement to 120 ECTS for exchange students but be aware that these courses are on an advanced level. 
As usual, we do not require English proficiency test results for students who are not native speakers of English. However, we do want to ensure that you only send us students that are proficient enough in English to cope with English-medium university studies. If your selection process includes a language test, here are some guidelines: Overall IELTS score of 6.5 or an overall TOEFL score of 100 internet-based. 

Important Dates
30 APRIL: Nomination deadline
Once you have nominated your students, we will provide them with a confirmation email and a link to the online application. We will add you as a copy in this email for your own information.
10 MAY: Application deadline
To complete their application, your students will need to fill in an online form and send us an updated transcript of records/grade results in ENGLISH (pdf copies are accepted).

Our semester dates
Students are expected to stay until the end of the semester as they may have mandatory teaching until their last week. The official semester dates for the next academic year are the following: 
autumn 2023: 28 August 2023 – 13 January 2024
spring 2024: 16 January 2024 – 2 June 2024
If your students have some mandatory moments/events to attend at their home university before the end of the semester at SULaw, we kindly ask that you inform us accordingly already in the nomination form.

New rule for residence permits
The Swedish Migra­tion Agency has recently decided to reinforce passport checks for resident permit applications. Applicants for a permit to study in Sweden may now to need personally show their passport at a Swedish embassy before the Agency can make a decision. 
If your students require a residence permit to study in Sweden, it is therefore important that they start their application as soon as possible after getting their letter of acceptance from us, as waiting times are expected to increase. 
For more information, feel free to refer your students to the webpages below: 
Studying in higher education
Stricter passport checks

We must unfortunately inform you that, starting in the autumn 2023, it is expected to be even more difficult than normal to get student accommodation through the Housing Office at Stockholm University, as one of the university’s housing contracts will be terminated by this summer. A new housing contract is underway but is unlikely to come into effect before 2025.
We therefore encourage your students to start looking for housing as soon as possible once they receive their letter of acceptance. The application for student housing through the Housing Office opens in late May but we would recommend that students start looking at all options even earlier. Here’s a useful link which you can share with them:
Finding accommodation in Stockholm – Stockholm University
FYI: in an effort to help incoming students secure housing, we at SULaw started a scheme in the spring 2022 where we put them in contact with our Swedish outgoing students looking to rent out their accommodation during their own exchange abroad. This has yielded some results and we hope to be able to continue and expand this plan in the coming semesters.

Our courses
Course load

Your students must be enrolled as full-time students, which according to Stockholm University’s policy represents 30 ECTS per semester. All our courses are worth 15 ECTS and your students will study one course at a time, i.e. two courses per semester. We don’t normally allow students to study two courses at the same time, because they would most likely be unable to fulfill the attendance requirements of both courses due to schedule clashes, meaning they ultimately couldn’t pass the courses. If for some special reason, you wish for your student to enroll for more than 30 ECTS, please make sure to indicate so in the nomination form so we can check if this is possible at all. 
Course allocation
Since we have a limited amounts of seats available in each course, your students will be asked to rank all courses on offer, meaning they might not get a seat in their first-hand choice of course. If one of your student needs to be enrolled in a very specific course, e.g. due to the nature of their home degree, please indicate this in the nomination form, or as soon as possible once course selection has opened (in either May or November depending on the nomination). 
Non-law courses
Students can exceptionally be allowed to take one or several non-law courses during their exchange if this is needed for their degree at home. Please note however that this subject to availability and that there is no guarantee it will be possible. Your students are only guaranteed fulltime studies in law. If they have to take a non-law course as part of their degree at home, please indicate this in the nomination form. The maximum amount of non-law credits exchange students are allowed to take during their exchange is 15 ECTS.

Questions? 🙂
If you have any questions, please contact us for more information at If your students have questions for us, please advise them to contact us directly at

Sandra Fagerlund, Candice Roccasalva, Malin Gustafsson & Fabricio Fortese
Office of International Affairs
Department of Law
Stockholm University
Photo credits: Tina Stafrén