Faculty of Law, Kyushu University

Research Interests

  • Maritime Law
  • International Business Law
  • Comparative Law

Subject Areas for Supervising Written Work

  • Maritime Law
  • International Business Law
  • Foreign Investment Law
  • Comparative Law
  • E-commerce Law
  • Corporate Governance


  • LL.B., Montenegro University, 1979
  • LL.M., Belgrade University, 1983
  • LL.M., Kyoto University, 1990
  • LL.D., Zagreb University, 1990


  • Research Fellow, Montenegro University, 1980
  • Assistant Professor, Montenegro University Faculty of Law, 1991
  • Associate Professor, Montenegro University Faculty of Law, 1996
  • Associate Professor, Kyushu University Faculty of Law, 1997
  • Professor, Kyushu University Faculty of Law, 2002

Representative Publications

  • The Identity of Carrier Problem Under Time Charter: Diversity Despite Unification of Law, Vol.31(3) Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce (2000)
  • Documents of Title in Carriage of Goods by Sea: Present Status and Possible Future Directions, Journal of Business Law (September 2001)
  • Civil Law and Common Law: Two Different Paths Leading to the Same Goal Victoria University Wellington Law Review (2001); also published in: La Revue Juridique Polynesienne no.7 (2001)
  • Clean Bill of Lading in Contract of Carriage and Contract of Sale: Same name and Different Meanings, Journal of International Commercial Law 2(1) (2003)
  • Delivery of Goods without a Bill of Lading: revival of an old problem in the Far East, International Maritime Law vol. 9(5) (2003)
  • The Straight Bill of Lading: Do we really need it? Vol.XL (3) European Transport Law (2005)
  • Stoppage in Transit and Right of Control: ‘Conflict of Rules’? Pace International Law Review (Spring 2008)
  • Japanese Corporate Governance: Behind Legal Norms, Penn State International Law Review (Winter 2011)
  • La gouvernance d’entreprise japonaise et l’acculturation du modèle américain, Revue International de Droit Comparé (Vol. 2, 2012)
  • LAW AND DEVELOPMENT IN ASIA (ed. with Gerald McAlinn, Routledge 2012)