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Carter, Connie
Casanova, Arnel
Gopalakrishnan, Shankar
Harada Hiroki
Harding, Andrew
Krusekopf, Charles
Likosky, Michael
Muchlinski, Peter
Nogami Natsu
Park Nohyoung
Tey Tsun Hang
Vaddhanaphuti, Chayan
Xu Feng

Tey, Tsun Hang
Professor of Law
National University of Singapore

Professor Tey Tsun Hang joined the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore in 1997. He is a former District Judge of the Subordinate Courts, and a former State Counsel at the Legislation Division of the Attorney-General's Chambers, of Singapore. He has been a member of the Editorial Committee of the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies and the Singapore Journal of International and Comparative Law, and the Executive Committee of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies. He also practises at a law firm.