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Carter, Connie
Casanova, Arnel
Gopalakrishnan, Shankar
Harada Hiroki
Harding, Andrew
Krusekopf, Charles
Likosky, Michael
Muchlinski, Peter
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Park Nohyoung
Tey Tsun Hang
Vaddhanaphuti, Chayan
Xu Feng

Xu, Feng  

Feng Xu is assistant professor in East Asia Politics at the Department of Political Science, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada. Her book, Women Migrant Workers and China’s Economic Reform (Macmillan/Palgrave, 2000), investigated the lives and survival strategies of women migrant workers in silk factories of southern Jiangsu province. She is currently researching a new project on unemployment, community/shequ building and urban governance in contemporary urban China. Recent publications include (with James Lawson) ‘SARS in Canada and China: Two Approaches to Emergency Health Policy’, Governance, vol. 20, issue 2, 2007; “New Modes of Urban Governance: Building Community/Shequ in Post-Danwei China’, in André Laliberté and Marc Lanteigne, eds., The Chinese Party-State in the 21st Century: Adaptation and the Reinvention of Legitimacy, 2008. London: Routledge; ‘Gated Communities, Migrant Enclaves: A New Conundrum for Urban Governance in China’, Journal of Contemporary China, vol. 1, no. 17, 2008.