Kyushu University’s International Programs in Law celebrates its 30th anniversary with an international symposium on the topic of Navigating a Risk Society. This theme, which has been crucial in obtaining MEXT scholarships for the past three years, reflects our current focus and the evolving interests within the International Programs.

As we transition from an industrial to a digitally driven society, we face a myriad of risks spanning the social, economic, and cultural fields. This transformation, powered by emerging technologies and global connectivity, introduces a new era with diverse and complex regulatory challenges. In every legal field, we confront uncertainties brought about by artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, and other disruptive technologies. These forces are reshaping our world, presenting unprecedented challenges and risks in all aspects of social life.

In this light, we cordially invite legal professionals, government representatives, and scholars from our 800-strong network of alumni, as well as anyone else with an interest in these issues, to contribute papers and presentations. We are eager to hear a wide range of perspectives on emerging risks, exploring the role of law and legal experts in addressing these challenges responsibly and sustainably.

Our symposium aims to be fully inclusive, encouraging discussions on all types of risks. We value diverse expertise and experiences and strongly encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. Your contributions will enrich the dialogue and significantly add to the critical debates on these important topics.

Additionally, the event will open with a special plenary session where the founders of the program will reflect on its origins and early history. This session will offer a unique opportunity to explore the program's initial vision, its evolution over time, and how it has shaped the field of legal education in Japan and beyond. This retrospective view will provide a meaningful context for the discussions to follow, connecting our past achievements with our future vision and aspirations.

An option to submit a presentation proposal is available on the symposium website. We warmly welcome proposals from alumni and others, inviting you to join us in this enlightening dialogue on law’s evolving role in a fast-changing world. Your insights and experiences will greatly contribute to the depth and diversity of our commemorative event. Details for registration will be communicated through a seperate newsletter.

Warm regards,

Steven Van Uytsel
Director - International Programs in Law