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Party Autonomy in International Family Law: A Note from an Economic Perspective [Volume 6 – 2016]

1 December 2016

In most societies, the family is considered one of the most important institutions. The family is at the core of the preservation and transmission of moral, ethical, religious and cultural values. The importance of the family to the society can be explained also from an economic perspective (the family as a household): family forms the economic nucleus for any country regardless of the degree of economic modernization...

Jurisdiction over Ubiquitous Copyright Infringements: Should Right-Holders Be Allowed to Sue at Home? [Volume 5 – 2015]

4 August 2015

When the ALAI Congress was held in Kyoto October 2012, Pirate Bay announced its decision to move to the cloud. This comes as no surprise as the Swedish courts [1] ordered to close down Pirate Bay in Sweden, a dozen EU countries, as well as the United States, China, India, and Malaysia. The Pirate Bay controversy raised questions about the technical feasibility of closing its websites, desirability to balance the interests of...

Chinese Overseas Indirect Listing and its Solutions [Volume 5 – 2015]

11 February 2015

As of December 2009, the top three countries (districts) that received the foreign direct investments(FDI) from China are Hong Kong 164.499 billion dollars, British Virgin Islands(BVI) 15.061 billion dollars ,and Cayman Islands 13.577 billion dollars, the amounts by three of which far surpass anyone that falls behind them. And as of 2005, the fourth largest FDI that China received came from BVI. Further as of June 6, 2010, ...