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Smartphone App Marketplace as Privacy Gatekeepers: Protecting Personal Data One App at a Time [Volume 8 – 2018]

31 January 2018

Japan is a very connected country, reaching a high of 103.89 million internet users in 2017[i]. Moreover, more than half this number access online services for general information, social media connection, entertainment, news, financial transactions, gps-functionaility, and other online services, conveniently through the myriad of apps installed in their smartphones, apps purchased and downloaded through the app Marketplace, the...

Rethinking the Legislative Framework for Tackling Cartels: A Japanese Perspective [Volume 8-2018]

3 January 2018

Deterrence has, for decades, been the mantra of competition law enforcement authorities in their fight against cartels.[2] Fines and, if available, jail sentences reached record heights.[3] Leniency policies were adopted to reach a higher probability of detection.[4] The focus on high fines and increased probability of detection was inspired by assumption that firms are rational profit maximizers, weighing the costs and benefits...