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Professor Yoshiyuki Tamura

Yoshiyuki Tamura is the professor of intellectual property at Hokkaido University. He also serves, inter alia, as the Program Director of the Research Institute for Information Law & Policy at Hokkaido University; Program Reader at the MEXT Global COE Program; Member of the Committee on Intellectual Property Policy; Managing Director at Japan Association of Industrial Property Law; Member of the Board of the Copyright Law Association of Japan; Member of the Expert Panel of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters; Member of Science Council of Japan; Member of the Committee at the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

His research interests include, but are not limited to, copyright law, patent law, trademark law and unfair competition law. Professor Y. Tamura has published more that ten books on various topics of intellectual property (some of them have been published in several editions) and numerous law review articles. Besides, Professor Y. Tamura has translated and published several articles in Japanese and frequently contributes to the ongoing debates concerning current debates on intellectual property law and policy.