Prospective Students

Doctoral Program in Law (LL.D.)

Kyushu University’s LL.D. program offers students the unique opportunity of preparing a doctoral thesis in English whilst studying at a Japanese university.

The program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to complete high-level research in law.

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International Economic & Business Law (IEBL) Program (LL.M.)

Introduction. In 1994, the Graduate School of Law at Kyushu University established Japan’s first Master’s level program taught entirely in English: the LL.M. program in International Economic and Business Law (IEBL).

Drawing upon faculty members with particular strengths in these fields of law, the IEBL program is designed to provide both Japanese and international students with the ability to confront the many challenges of contemporary international economic affairs and commercial transactions.

Taught in English from a Japanese perspective, the IEBL program seeks to develop a critical understanding of economic and legal principles within the framework of international & comparative law.

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Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) in Law (LL.M.)

The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) was estabilished in 2001 as a one-year Master’s program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Currently, five different programs are offered in the fields of Government, Local Governance, Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, and the Law.

This program aims to contribute to the fostering of future national leaders in Asian and other countries. In addition, while deepening the participatns’ understanding about Japan, it aims to form a network of national leaders who will play a key role in establishing friendly relations and improved policy planning amoung Asian coutries,including Japan.

The Graduate School of Law, Kyushu University runs the “Young Leaders’ Program in Law”.

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JDS Program in Law (LL.M.)

The JDS Program is a Master's course in law taught entirely in English to qualified individuals from selected organizations in designated recipient countries.

The JDS Program is taught on a full-time basis and takes 24 months for completion, beginning in October every year.

All JDS students are expected to complete a 20-credit (approx. 2-3 courses per semester for two years) coursework curriculum and write a Master’s Thesis of 70 pages.

The program is fully-funded by JICA (the Japan International Cooperation Agency) and aims at training highly capable young officials who will engage in implementing social and economic development plans as future leaders in their home country.

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Bilingual Program (BiP) in Law (LL.M.)

The Bilingual Master’s (LL.M.) degree program in Laws (BiP) offers students the unique opportunity to engage in graduate level study of law in a “bilingual” environment at a law faculty in Japan.

As such, the program facilitates rapid improvement in Japanese ability whilst allowing students to engage in classroom study and supervised research across a wide range of subjects in the field of law.

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Double Degree Program in Law (LL.M.)

In cooperation with a number of partner schools, Kyushu University offers a number of double degree LL.M. programs.

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Lifelong Learning Program in Law (LL.M.)

Opportunities for Japanese students to pursue graduate level legal study in English.

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Kyushu Summer Institute in Law & Innovation

A summer program that offers students, legal professionals and other interested parties an opportunity to study a selection of courses clustered around the theme of innovation and the law.

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