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About International Programs in Law
Doctoral & Master's Level Programs
LL.D. (Doctor of Laws)
- Doctoral Program: 3+ years, October entry, 300 pages+ doctoral thesis written in English in any field of law.
  - JICA KCCP Doctoral Program: 3+ years, October entry, doctoral thesis in English whilst working in home country, supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
LL.M. (Master of Laws)
- LL.M.: established 1994, 1-year program, October entry, taught entirely in English, dynamic curriculum plus 50+ pages thesis.
  - Young Leaders' Program (YLP) in Law: 1-year program for government officials & legal professionals from designated countries, October entry, taught in English, internship program with law firms, Japanese government scholarships.
  - Bilingual Master's Program in Law (BiP): 1-2 years program for Japanologists with non-legal background; April or October entry, thesis written in Japanese and English plus participation in undergraduate seminar.
  - JDS Program: 2 years, October entry, coursework plus 70+ pages thesis, JICA sponsored for public officials from selected Asian countries.
  - "Double Degree" Programs: Partnering with master's programs at Ateneo De Manila, Leuven, Malaya, & National Taiwan University.
  - Lifelong Learning Program: 1-2 years "part-time" program, April or October entry for Japanese nationals, taught in English.
Global Vantage (GV) Program (Undergraduate Program in Law)
Japanese undergraduate (AO Entry) law program offering Japanese nationals the opportunity to enroll on LL.M..
High level courses offered in all major fields of economic & business law and related fields, including Transnational Commercial & Foreign Investment Law, IP Law, WTO Law, Creative Economy & Law, Competition Law, Commercial Arbitration, Mediation, Private International Law, Public International Law, Comparative Company Law, White-Collar & Corporate Criminal Law, and various fields of Japanese law.
Diverse faculty of Japanese & international professors, including Ryu Kojima (Director of International Programs, specializing in intellectual property law); Toshiyuki Kono (private international law); Kinji Akashi (public international law); Shinto Teramoto (intellectual property law); Mariko Igimi (Roman law); Caslav Pejovic (transnational business law); Minoru Tokumoto (company law); Han Sang Hee (public international law & international relations); Mark Fenwick (corporate crime & international business law); Hideaki Irie (mediation & conflict management); Steven Van Uytsel (competition law); Kentaro Hirayama (competition law); Satoshi Narihara (information law); Ren Yatsunami (private international law); Julia Yu (commercial arbitration and investment law).
Visiting Professors
Recent visiting professors include: Prof. Jurgen Basedow (Max Plank Institute for Comparative & Private International Law); Prof. Jane Ginsburg (Colombia University Law School); Prof. Nikolas Forgo (University of Vienna), Prof. Yeow Choy Choong (University of Malaya), Prof. Erik Vermeulen (Tilburg University & Philips Lighting).
Alumni Network
As of January 2019, there are a total of 618 graduates from 56 countries, including 39 LL.D. graduates from 17 countries; 369 LL.M. graduates from 56 countries; 185 YLP graduates from 15 countries; and 18 BiP graduates from 9 countries). Prominent alumni of international programs include: Pakistan's Ambassador to Japan; Former Mongolian Minister of Mining; Ambassador to the UN Delegation (Mongolia); Vice Minister of Justice (Vietnam); Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore; & an LL.D. graduate appointed as Associate Professor in Kyushu University, Faculty of Law.
Events & Publications
Recent workshops hosted on Leniency in Competition Law, Fintech in Asia, & Autonomous Vehicles. Recent publications in English include:
- Transnational Commercial & Consumer Law: Current Trends in Business Law, edited by T. Kono, A. Reich & M. Hiscock, (2018) Springer.
  - Robots, AI & the Future of the Law, edited by M. Corrales, M. Fenwick & N. Forgo, (2018) Springer.
  - The Shifting Meaning of Legal Certainty in Comparative & Transnational Law, edited by M. Fenwick, M. Siems & S. Wrbka], (2017) Hart.
Further Information
Including contact details, full eligibility requirements, financial support, application materials & course syllabuses:
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