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Master's Degrees
LL.M. Program
In 1994, the Graduate School of Law at Kyushu University established Japan's first master's level program taught entirely in English: the LL.M. program.
Drawing upon faculty members with particular strengths in these fields of law, the LL.M. program is designed to provide both Japanese and international students with the ability to confront the many challenges of contemporary international economic affairs and commercial transactions.
Taught in English from a Japanese perspective, the LL.M. program seeks to develop a critical understanding of economic and legal principles within the framework of international & comparative business law.
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Bilingual Master’s Program in Law (BiP)
The Bilingual Master’s degree program in Laws (BiP) offers students the unique opportunity to engage in graduate level study of law in a “bilingual” environment at a law faculty in Japan. The program seeks to overcome one of the principal obstacles to graduate legal education in Japan, namely language, by providing students with the possibility of taking classes and writing a thesis in English, as well as Japanese.
As such, the program facilitates rapid improvement in Japanese ability whilst allowing students to engage in classroom study and supervised research across a wide range of subjects in the field of law.
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Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) in Law
The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) was established in 2001 as a one-year master’s program by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
Currently, five different programs are offered in the fields of Government, Local Governance, Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, and the Law. This program aims to contribute to the fostering of future national leaders in Asian and other countries. In addition, while deepening the participants’ understanding about Japan, it aims to form a network of national leaders who will play a key role in establishing friendly relations and improved policy planning among Asian countries, including Japan.
The Graduate School of Law at Kyushu University operates the YLP in law. It is organized as a one-year program.
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JICA-LL.M. Programs
The JDS LL.M. Program
The JDS LL.M. Program (the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) (former Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)) (人材育成奨学計画) is a two-year master’s course in law taught entirely in English to qualified individuals from selected organizations in designated recipient countries.  The program is fully funded by and aims at training highly capable young officials who will engage in implementing social and economic development plans as future leaders in their home country.
The JLTT LL.M. Program
(JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program-Long Term Training=JLTT)
This program provides scholarships for students from certain designated countries to enroll on the LL.M. Program. JICA's Knowledge Co-Creation Programs are a form of technical cooperation that JICA carries out in Japan. The programs are an important means of technical cooperation which supports human resource development and resolving issues in developing countries.
- SDGs Global Leader Program
JICA has provided training programs as a part of technical cooperation in various fields. In order to strengthen networks between the target countries in respective fields, JICA established a new long-term training program to foster young/middle-aged bureaucrats, academics and leading human resources in various fields of target countries who are capable of influencing policy making processes in their countries or contributing to socioeconomic development in the near future. The SDGs Global Leader program, was established in JFY 2019 under the framework of JICA Development Studies Program (JICA-DSP) for the purpose of promoting the cooperation of sustainable development in the world.
- ABE Initiative Program (Master’s Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth) Program
The objective of the ABE Initiative Master's Degree and Internship Program is to support young personnel who can become a "Navigator" for contributing to the development of industries in Africa. This program offers opportunities for young African men and women to study at master's courses at Japanese universities as international students and experience internships at Japanese companies. The aim is for them to develop effective skills in order for them to contribute to various fields.
- Human Resources Development on Legal and Judicial Development Program
JICA has been supporting legal and judicial human resources in target countries. Considering the growing needs for development of such human resources, JICA is now accelerating its activities in this area through collaboration with Japanese universities, aiming to help developing countries retain more trained human resources in their countries. The two-year Human Resources Development on Legal and Judicial Development program aims to help improve the legal and judicial systems, which leads to the development of the society and the economy and the respect for human rights and enhance the capacity for improving legal and judicial systems through master’s course in Japanese universities.
- Human Resources Development on Public International Law Program
This programs provides participants with opportunities to  study  in  Japan  to  gain  specialized knowledge  on  public  international  law addressing  public  international  law affairs in accordance with a rules-based international order. The two-year master’s program aims to promote the target countries’ capacity to contribute to the rules-based international order and develop core human resources in the field of public international law in the target countries.
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Double Degree LL.M. Programs in Law
Kyushu University, Graduate School of Law operates a number of double degree LL.M. programs in cooperation with partner schools in Asia and Europe.
Currently such programs are offered in partnership with Ateneo de Manila University, National Taiwan University and Catholic University of Leuven.
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LL.M.社会人プログラム Lifelong Learning Master’s Program in Law
Introduction to Lifelong Learning Program/LL.M.社会人プログラムについてLL.M.社会人プログラムは、修士レベルにおいて法学を英語及び日本語で学びたい日本人の為に設立されたものです。プログラムは、国際経済ビジネス法に特化されており、学術、ビジネス、法曹分野において豊富な経験を有する日本人及び外国人教員により構成されています。
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Doctoral Degrees
LL.D. Program
Kyushu University’s LL.D. program offers students the unique opportunity of preparing a doctoral thesis on law in English whilst studying at a Japanese university. The program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to complete high-level research in law.
Participants will pursue a closely supervised program of research for at least 6 consecutive semesters (3 years), prior to submitting a final dissertation.
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JICA-LL.D. Programs
In cooperation with JICA, Kyushu University offers two doctoral programs in law:
The JDS LL.D. Program
This program provides scholarships for students from certain designated countries who have already completed the JICA JDS Master’s Program to enroll on the LL.D. Program.
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The KCCP LL.D. Program
This program provides scholarships for students from certain designated countries to enroll on the LL.D. Program.
Students on this program are permitted to live and work in their home country and are provided with financial support from JICA to make regular visits to Japan for academic consultations.
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Special Funded Programs
Risk Society (LL.M. & LL.D.)
In December 2021, Kyushu University’s LL.M. and LL.D. programs were selected as recipients of Japanese government scholarships. Seven scholarships are now available each year for the LL.M program and one scholarship per year for the LL.D. The theme of the accepted proposal to the Japanese government was law in a “risk society.” A risk society is characterized by fast-paced technological innovation, social disruption, and normative uncertainty. Our LL.M. and LL.D. programs place a particular emphasis on thinking about the design of legal rules to manage the unique challenge of a risk society and welcomes applicants interested in this theme.
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The "Future-Creation" Program (LL.D.)
The Future Creation (MIRAI-SDGs) Program is a newly created program that aims to establish a platform that allows doctoral students to meet and exchange ideas with students from other fields within the university in order to enhance and broaden their range of research skills. In particular, the program aims to develop a more inter-disciplinary international, and inclusive perspective. In this way, the program hopes to foster well-rounded graduates capable of contributing to the development of socially responsible innovation in science and technology in Japan and elsewhere.
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Energy Research (LL.D.)
The Kyushu University Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research (Q-PIT) was established in accordance with the Kyushu University Action Plan. This platform aims to resolve global energy issues in association with promising researchers from various fields, from humanities and social science to natural sciences. Through the resolution of these issues, Q-PIT also aims to create a one-stop solution for energy research and education, and transdisciplinary projects to realize a future energy society that enables sustainable development. As a gateway to success, this program is targeting identification and support of young researchers and doctoral students who will play major roles in future energy research in society.
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