Inbound Student Exchange Program

Inbound Student Exchange Program

Welcome to Faculty of Law, Kyushu University

Faculty of Law, Kyushu University welcomes applications for its exchange program every semester/year. You may apply for one or two semester(s) to study at Kyushu University according to your home university’s exchange agreement with Kyushu University.

The Faculty of Law and its international programs aim to provide exchange students with the ability to confront and address many challenges of law in a global society. Every semester, you may choose from the extensive pool of 20-30 international courses and of more than 50 courses in Japanese, which ranges from local to international legal studies covering diverse issues from traditional to contemporary ones. You will also have the opportunity to study with more or less 100 international students from over 20 countries,while enjoying the unique experience of exchanging one’s legal culture and practices. Here, you can take full advantage of diversity and global network.

We sincerely hope that your learning experience at Kyushu University is enjoyable and fulfilling! Your academic advisors, administrative staff and student supporters will be there to ensure a smooth landing and settling into your new life in Japan.

For more information about our international programs and courses offered herein, please follow the links below.

Kyudai Law Exchange Program: Fact SheetVoices from Former Exchange Students
Academic Schedule & CurriculumPractical Information for International Students

Kyudai Law Exchange Program: Fact Sheet

Spring SemesterCourse PeriodApril 1st – July 31st (tentative)
Application DeadlineMid-November
Fall SemesterCourse PeriodOctober 1st – February 15th (tentative)
Application DeadlineEarly-April
LanguageInternational CoursesEnglish
Courses Taught in JapaneseJapanese
Period of CoursesInternational CoursesEvery quarter
Courses Taught in JapaneseEvery semester (*1 semester = 2 quarters)
Period of Courses1) Proceed with the recommendation process at the applicant’s home university.
2) Prepare the following documents: please send us the soft copy by e-mail first.
(a) Exchange student application form
(*The prescribed form will be sent to the applicant, once we receive the result of recommendation from the applicant’s home university/faculty.)
(b) Academic transcript
(c) Certificate of English (or Japanese) language proficiency
3) Send a hard copy of the documents to the following address of Kyushu University
Point of ContactEmail address:
(Tel: +81-92-802-6384)
Student Affairs Office for Faculty of Law, Kyushu University
Room C-108-1, Bldg. 1, East Zone
744 Moto-oka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
819-0395 Japan

Academic Schedule & Curriculum

International Courses

Course Taught in Japanese

Voices from Former Exchange Students

“During my time in Japan, (despite the outbreak of COVID-19 during my stay) I have never felt unwelcome or unsafe, which was due to the effort of Kyushu University to provide information and assistance. The experienced teaching staff offered valuable insight not just for my legal study, but also in an interdisciplinary context, which has become essential in our globalised world.
Therefore, I highly recommend the exchange programme at Kyushu University.”

Hendrik Meier
Leibniz University Hanover
(Fall semester of 2020)

“Kyushu university is a really great place to study and this program will definitely broaden your horizons.
The international program in law provides a variety of courses for you to choose from. You can meet students from different countries and get to know how other countries’ legal system work, which is quite interesting for me.
In addition, if you also understand some Japanese, you can also try auditing some courses in Japanese. You may get a chance to interact with Japanese students and even make friends with them. You can also choose some Japanese language courses. It is quite helpful for you to improve your Japanese ability.
In conclusion, I really recommend students to join this amazing international program in Kyushu University.”

Chen Song-Lin
National Taiwan University, Faculty of Law
(Fall semester of 2019)

“In 2018, I came to Kyushu University as an undergraduate exchange student from Leibniz University Hannover.
It was inspiring to learn together with international postgraduate students in a modern environment about up-to-date legal questions and much more. All people were very nice and supportive.
Everyone interested to learn by experiencing the exchange between civil and common law shouldn’t miss this unique opportunity! Same goes for the experience of the special Japanese culture ;)”

Tanja Schirmer
Leibniz University Hanover
(Fall semester of 2018)

Practical Information for International Students

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